Carpet Cleaning Tips in Summer Season

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During the summer season, your carpets can get a beating from the wear and tear of activities you do in your home, like children home from school every day, cookouts, family visits, etc. Luckily, expert carpet cleaning Seattle WA services can be used to clear out the signs of foot traffic during the summer season before special events like family reunions and graduation parties.  

Apart from the help, you can get from the professional carpet cleaners, you can also do your part in keeping your carpet fresh and clean with some of the essential tips listed below: 

Regular vacuuming 

Vacuuming your carpets regularly can remove allergens, dirt, and dust. Plus, it can prevent causing too much wear on the fibers of your carpet. Before vacuuming, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets to help penetrate odors amid expert carpet cleaning.   

Runners and area rugs 

If you want to do an event that takes place on a patio, deck, or porch that requires people to wear shoes through particular parts of your home, it’s best to place down runners, rugs, or mats to help minimize wear and dirt on the carpets. Throughout the year, placing doormats at entrances provides people a place to remove and wipe off shoes once your visitors entire, while putting runners in hallways can greatly aid in reducing carpet wear in this high-traffic spot. 

Take your shoes off 

Instructing your home members to take their shoes off right after they reach your front door is one of the simplest ways to keep dirt outside and off your carpets indoors. If you’re planning to have social gatherings that need to be done indoors, kindly ask your visitors to remove their shoes before entering your home. However, make sure not to sound rude and offended when they choose not to. Commonly, when one individual is willing to take off their shoes in compliance with your request, the rest will follow.  

If most people walk through your house shoeless, it can drastically help in minimizing the amount of moisture, grass, dirt, and grime that becomes tracked into the fibers of your carpet.  

Spend more time outdoors 

In the summer, one of the best ways to prevent mud, dirt, and foot traffic on your carpets is to spend more time outside. Children that play outdoors in the grass can prevent them from running around in your home. Plus, entertaining outdoors implies that there will be less risk of spills and stains on expensive carpets and rugs.  

Hire the expert carpet cleaners 

While you could purchase or rent carpet cleaning equipment to achieve a deeper cleaning compared to regular vacuuming, you’re posing the risk of damaging the fibers of your carpet with hot temperatures and chemical detergents. Spot treatments between expert carpet cleaning sessions would always be a great idea to do to prevent the stains from setting in. However, the best thing you can do is to book professional carpet cleaning services at least two times per year to protect their beauty, extend their lives, and keep them fresh.  

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